Sandee Kranz

"The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion." -Paulo Coelho

Sandee has a passion for this industry that started long, she didn't play hair with her barbies or anything like that but she did do a couple of updo's on her little, impressionable niece trying to teach her little ideas along the way...and so it continues.
Sandee has completed her dream of opening a salon that puts love and servanthood first and beauty second. She tries to lead by example administering thankfulness and praise when things are done great but also quick to say I am sorry when she knows she has done wrong.

Her dream started when she attended Paul Mitchell the School Huntsville, earned her cosmotology license and started working at her dream salon in Huntsville, AL. She then moved to a new salon with a young lady that she admired and that she learned so much from about this industry.
From her experience at The Stile Salon she wanted to create the same atmosphere and community spirit in Athens. Thus, she opened the very first and only Paul Mitchell Focus Salon in Limestone County. She continues to grow her education and keeps up to date with the latest news in hair fashions but mostly loves to serve her clients.
She loves making you feel comfortable and at home and cherishes the time you commit to coming to her salon.

She looks forward to meeting you!

Makenna Lewis

Makenna is a graduate from Paul Mitchell the school Huntsville. Her main passion is Vivid haircolor. Trained in DevaCurl and keeping the integrity of the hair. Makenna will know what is best for your hair and looks forward to working with you. With her bright personality and friendly outgoing ways you will feel loved and pampered in the best way!