Paul Mitchell the color XG

Our XG permanent color line offers the best of the new dyesmart system which means you get the most coverage and less fading.  It is 100% Vegan and with propriety blends of ingredients to deliver soft and shiny hair. 

Paul Mitchell

Forever Blonde Shampoo

This sulfate-free shampoo for chemically treated hair gently cleanses lightened and highlighted hair while helping to repair damage and seal the cuticle. Enhanced with KerActive protein and a special blend of botanicals, it provides intensive nourishment to help keep blonde hair light, bright and healthy.



Olaplex is essential in all we offer for blending services.  It is made to strengthen the bonds of the hair so your hair will be perfected and maintained with each and every service.

Tea Tree

Products we carry are essential to healthy hair and beauty that goes beyond the outer layer of the hair.  Whether it is a color protect product or whether it is the essence of tea tree that you desire for your scalp care we will find a product suitable for your hair care needs.

Tea Tree.jpg


We love to refer to our Awapuhi Wild Ginger line as our major vitamin boost for the hair.  It has the richness of protein from sheep wool due to the nature of their wool being so close to human hair. It also provides rich moisture from the Awapuhi plant which is known for its medicinal purposes. The combination creates a beautiful look and feel to the worn down hair.


Essential for men, fragrantly appealing to the people in their lives, MVRCK has all the products for any desired look.  The beard oil that will make your beard silky smooth and also nurture the skin beneath, the blade slip to get the nice smooth shave you desire.  All the products are robust with essential oils to hydrate and tone both hair and skin.

Beard Oil.jpg